Prof. Claudia Peña

ADDERE - Chile

Prof. Claudia Peña has devoted her scientific career to the protection of the environment through the implementation of life cycle thinking as a means to move towards sustainable consumption and production. In this area she served as director of the unit of industrial sustainability at the Research Center of Mining and Metallurgy, alongside contributing to the Panel on Sustainable Resource Management of the United Nations Environmental Program ( UNEP) and to the  UNEP- SETAC Life Cycle Initiative . Her commitment with a better world has led her to develop R & D projects and programs in this area, and also to train new scientists and professionals for continuing and deepen this work. In this new relationship with the planet, we must address the needs of today’s society, improving the quality of life and welfare of the people, but without preventing future generations and life on the planet can meet their own needs as well.

Consistent with this vision of the world she integrates to the sustainable development analysis, the dimension of the human being as a whole, and thus considers the individual happiness, her/his social and material aspirations and her/his needs of emotional and spiritual development. Under this perspective, the approach for the understanding, exploring and developing of the consciousness that The Monroe Institute® (TMI) has developed over decades of scientific research resonates beautifully with the concept of a better world, for which Claudia has been working professionally for over twenty years.

Being a TMI trainer allow her to contribute to the integral development of people, by making her able to bring the effective and beautiful technological and methodological tools developed by TMI for the exploration of consciousness (workshops and hemi -sync frequencies), to people interested in exploring and deepen their self-awareness, or simply to those who are curious and / or want to know more about themselves and TMI .

Claudia is also a Reiki Master, graduated in Japan 2008.

She is also an amateur student of evolutionary anthropology, of the runes of the ancient Nordic peoples, and of other disciplines developed by ancient peoples and of scope of synchronicity.

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