Mr. Gilberto Monge Pizarro

Major of the Canton of Mora, Costa Rica

2023585729_gilbertomongepizarro-2Gilberto Monge Pizarro, was born on November 17, 1968 in San Jose, son of Gilberto Monge Chavarria, Private Accountant and Juana Pizarro Vallejos, Master of Religious Education. Of them he inherited his social commitment and his passion for politics because both have been community leaders and council of the Municipality of Mora. His grandfather José Monge Mendoza, one of the first pulperos of Ciudad Colón was known for his honesty and because in those times of economic hardship for families of the people, never denied credit to buy food.

He graduated as a lawyer and Notary Public, exercised career is his private law firm for several years. Later in the same faculty, he graduated from the MBA and Municipal Law, currently is conducting its final graduation in Land Management.

During his college life he is appointed representative of the Association of Law Students of the Student Council, which is elected Secretary General of the transitional board of the Federation of Students of the University of Costa Rica (FEUCR), at a time of great instability this student organization. Once back calm, it is elected by the university student community representative to the University Council, the highest decision making body of the University of Costa Rica, position held for two years.

In 2001 he is chosen as a candidate for deputy for the province of San Jose, but in the national elections of 2002, the National Liberation Party won one of the worst results in its history so it is not elected. This same year he joined to work as Parliamentary Counsel until 2006.

At this time, it is also dedicated work on the Municipal Commission of Culture and the creation of the Development Association for the Rescue Specific Historical, Architectural and Cultural Canton de Mora, occupying the presidency of that organization. During this time it is with integrating the Local Government and other leaders and community professionals to the construction of Boulevard City Columbus called Plaza de la Villa de Pacacua, the creation of the Cantonal Cultural Center (House of Culture) and the restoration of Old market.

In the elections of December this year is elected Mayor of the Canton de Mora, a position he has held since February 2007 and which was reelected in December 2010 through April 2016.

The first administration is highlighted by a strong boost to the community organization for the execution of works, especially the construction of several kilometers of roads in concrete and asphalt, the New Market is built, build and improve police delegations, cen Cinais, libraries , parks, community halls, sports and cultural facilities such as the amphitheater and the House of Culture of Guayabo, the infrastructure of rural water and educational facilities as construction canton College of Picagres supported. the award Rescuing the Architectural Heritage to restore the House of Education of the City of Pacacua where today the Cantonal Cultural Center is obtained, collaborating on the project of restoration of the theater La Palestra and organizing Sports Games is obtained with national Escazu, Santa Ana and Puriscal. Thanks to this activity in July 2011, a semi-Olympic pool, two gyms, a football stadium and a sports recreation park in the center of Ciudad Colón with sports courts and skating rink are inaugurated.

He is currently President of the Federation of Municipalities of West San Jose, a member of the Council of Mayors of the Metropolitan Federation of Municipalities and Vice President of the National Association of Mayors, positions from which struggle to consolidate processes strengthening governments local country.

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