Dr. Michal Miedzinski

Technopolis Group - Belgium

Dr Michal Miedzinski is Principal Consultant at Technopolis Group (www.technopolis-group.com). He is an experienced researcher and consultant in the fields of science, technology and innovation, eco-innovation and green economy, and regional development strategies. Michal is co-founder and coordinator of the European Eco-Innovation Observatory, a EU-funded integrated knowledge platform on eco-innovation for policy-makers and business established in 2010 (www.eco-innovation.eu). Since 2002, he has led and contributed to projects for the EU institutions (notably the European Commission and the European Parliament), international organisations (OECD, World Bank, UNIDO, ASEIC) as well as the national and regional authorities in many countries (e.g. Poland, Italy, France, Turkey). Michal holds a PhD in Planning from the University of Manchester. He has a Master’s in Regional Economic Planning from Warsaw University and a MA in European Public Affairs from University of Maastricht and EIPA. He authored and contributed to reports, book chapters and articles on eco-innovation, impact assessment and evaluation. He is a regular speaker and facilitator at innovation and sustainability events.

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