Mario Quirós

ALCALA - Costa Rica

QuirosMario Quirós – Attorney at Law, Member of the Bar Asssociation of Costa Rica. Lives in Gainesville, Florida USA. Did undergraduate studies in management, economics and law at McGill University, University of Costa Rica, UACA and INCAE. Works as consultant in environmental law, transparency, management and politics. Member of ALCALA. Has worked both with government and the private sector in finance, human resources and management in the construction business, organizational and financial services to cooperatives and in tourism, airlines and engineering research. Has taught Criminal Law and Legal Hermeneutics and served as political advisor to members of Congress. Later was elected to serve as Legislator at Congress in Costa Rica (2006-2010) Vicepresidencial candidate Costa Rica 2010 election. Distinguish Visitor of Miami Dade County, Florida USA; Acapulco, Mexico; San Pedro de Sula, Honduras; City of San Francisco, California USA.

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