Maria Amelia Enríquez

ameliaMaria Amelia Enríquez is an economist, PhD in Sustainable Development, professor and a researcher in the faculty of economics at the Federal University of Pará State (Brazil). Currently, Amelia serves as the Deputy Secretary of Commerce for the Bureau of Industry and Mining in the State of Pará (Brazil). She is a member of Supervisory Board of Brazilian Society for Ecological Economic – ECOECO and member of Advisory Committee of Sustainable Recycling Industries (SRI). Over the period 2009-2015 she has been an International Resource Panel Member of the UNEP, participating in the Working Group on Metals, Trade and Decoupling. She is former president of ECOECO during 2008 until 2011. During the period 2008-2011 she also worked as economic advisor at the Ministry of Mines and Energy (MME) in Brazil. Along the period 2012 and 2013 she was Deputy of Secretary of Economy at Para State and assuming the position of Secretary during the year 2014.. Amelia is also a council member of the Brazilian Mineral Magazine and author of the book: Gift or Curse: The Dilemmas of the Developing Regions of Base Mineral (São Paulo: Editora Signus). In 2012 she received the title of Economist of the Year by the Economist Syndicate of Para.

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