Manuel Holzer


Manuel Holzer is excited about the question how environmental conservation, prosperity, and sustainable resources use can be combined. He dreams of a world in which human well-being and ecosystem health are given the highest priority. He has studied environmental sciences and engineering at ETH Zurich and he earned his master’s degree in 2020 in the specialization of biogeochemistry and pollution dynamics. In his master thesis he investigated experimentally the impact of nanoplastic particles on freshwater ecosystems looking at the trophic relationship between aquatic snails and biofilms. Besides his Lab experience he has worked in the development context. For Eawag (Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology) he stayed several months in Nepal, collaborating in a project for a water safety strategy in rural communities.

Manuel enjoys working in the interface between science, policy and civil society. He has started to work at the World Resources Forum in March 2020 and he is supporting the organization of the World Resources Forum 2020 in Ghana.