Cross-Border Cooperations for the Implementation of SDGs

Cross-Border Cooperations for the Implementation of SDGs: Young People from Developing Countries and International Experts Working Together on an Equal Footing!

Michael Muellneritsch

Aracuba GmbH, Austria

The implementation of SDGs and a resource-efficient future can only be achieved through cooperation. International cooperations between raw materials suppliers and technology leaders, as well as cooperations between generations are of great importance here.

The best practice example of the Aracuba expert platform shows how cooperations between young people from developing countries and international experts can contribute to the implementation of SDGs. Special focus here is given to SDGs 4, 7 and 17.

School children, who are provided with age-appropriate learning materials on renewable energy and energy efficiency via a free App, are brought closer to the full potential of a sustainable future. Not only can they access information, but also actively contribute to the development of this App and various other projects. Older children and students are also given the chance to apply for internships and jobs, publish their own ideas and suggestions for cooperations, and complete online courses at renowned international universities.

On the Aracuba expert platform, international experts can not only initiate cooperations and transfers of knowledge with their peers, but also use the full potential of young people from developing countries. Their creativity, enthusiasm and knowledge of local culture can be accessed through open innovation and crowdsourcing strategies to give the experts a competitive edge. This goes to show that cooperation as equals can make a resource-efficient future possible – a future in which the most important resource, the unbelievable potential of young people from developing countries, is finally used efficiently.