Guilhem Grimaud

MTB Recycling/Arts & Métiers ParisTech - France

Guilhem Grimaud has started in June 2015, his doctoral studies at the IMC group, Institute of Mechanic and Engineering, in collaboration with the French company MTB Recycling. MTB Recycling is a manufacturer of recycling equipment such as shredders, shears, air separation tables, sieves, magnetic and eddy current separators, etc. His research topic is on “Integration of eco-innovative performance technologies of recycling processes: problems of evaluation processes (scope of analysis, LCA method and MFA) to integrate into the eco-design approach driven by the ETV certification”. He holds an Engineering Degree on materials, and a Master of Sciences on sustainability management and eco-design, both from the University of technology of Troyes, France. During his thesis, he is developing a decision support tool to assess the performance of recycling processes in regard with materials recovery. Materials flow analysis is one pillar of the methodology. Thanks to his experience in the field of eco-design, he has already co-authored several publications.

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