Prof. Janeth Sanabria Gómez

Universidad del Valle-Sede Meléndez - Colombia

Prof. Janeth Sanabria Gómez current research topics are focused on sustainable use of microbial biodiversity and bioremediation. Understanding of microbial ecology along with the use of molecular techniques and the development of new culture methods to grow useful microorganisms in controlled reactors and propose a microbial mix-culture adaptation in a biofactory model development as a strategy for microbiological application of waste valorization in Colombia and tropical countries. She is founder and director of the GAOX group. The GAOX research team is ranked A1 by Colciencias (highest grade). For the past 15 years, she has been the Director of the “Environmental Microbiology and Biotechnology Laboratory” and currently director of the postgraduate program of Environmental and Sanitary Engineering. She has led more than 23 research projects (7 international: 2 with EPFL (Switzerland), 1 with UNESCO-IHE 1 with Nijmegen Institute (Netherlands), 1 with Potsdam Leibniz Institute (Germany),  1 with Argentina and Venezuela). Dr. Sanabria directed >30 postgraduate and >25 undergraduate theses, co-authored > 31 publications, three book chapters and >50 contributions in conferences.  She has been working for over 20 years on bioremediation strategies. She has coordinated an institutional exchange program between Univalle and EPFL for >5 years and played an integral part and contributed to environmental conservation programs in various committees and a member for three years to the National Council of Biotechnology Committee. She is currently President of the of the Environmental Microbiology and Biotechnology Latin American Association.

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