Julia Göhringer

University of Konstanz, Graduate School of Decision Sciences - Germany

Julia Göhringer is a doctoral researcher at the University of Konstanz focusing on quantitative analyses of relationships between non-energetic, mineral resources and sustainability requirements. She is affiliated to the Chair of International Politics and the university’s interdisciplinary Graduate School of Decision Sciences since 2014. The main objective of her dissertation is to analyze whether there is a trade-off between, on the one hand, the extraction, the production and the use of non-energetic, mineral resources and, on the other hand, the decision-making and the implementation of sustainability requirements. In order to provide an answer to this research question, each paper of her cumulative dissertation explores specifically defined topics, such as, for example, human rights policies of metal and mining companies. Whereas her major research area is political science, her minor area of research is information processing and statistical analysis. Over the past three years, she has gained expertise in using statistical software programs and in the empirical analysis of large datasets.

Beyond her dissertation, Julia Göhringer was part of the organization committee of the Symposium on the Acquisition, Selection and Processing of Information at her graduate school in 2016, worked as a teaching assistant and has received several scholarships. Prior to beginning a PhD, she has successfully completed a double Master program in European Studies and International Relations at the University of Konstanz and Sciences Po Grenoble and has earned a Bachelor degree in International Cultural and Business Studies from the University of Passau.

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