Aithza Catalina Giraldo de los Rios

Sustainable Supply Chains -, Chile

MSc Dpl. Ing. Catalina Giraldo is Technical Director at Sustainable Supply Chain Company in Chile. Since 2002, she has been involved in high impact sustainability projects applied to agriculture and retail sectors in countries of Latina America, Africa, Asia and Europe. Since 2014, she took part in the Latin America and The Caribbean Experts Network on Food Losses and Waste. She has participated in the study “Food Loss and Waste Hotspots Analysis and Preliminary Actions Using a Food Life Cycle Methodological Approach” of FAO. Currently, she is involving in the Technical Background of an International Code of Conduct (FAO) and is working in the project “Measurement and Management of Fruit and Vegetables Losses in the Production Stage for Chile” financed by the program 10YFP of UNEP.


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