Dr. Allan Astrup Jensen

NIPSECT - Denmark

JensenAllan Astrup Jensen, PhD, Research Director, CEO, NIPSECT, Denmark

  • He has worked with life cycle concepts and tools (LCA/LCM/eco-labelling) since 1989.
  • His research group was in the 1990s pioneers in LCA projects and methodological development, mainly concerning screening methods and impact assessment and made contribution regards human toxicity to a Nordic LCA guideline.
  • He chaired the development of the web-based “LCA Guide” with Sustainability UK for the European Environment Agency.
  • In 1991 he was founding member of SETAC-Europe LCA Steering Committee, and he was its chairman from 1995-1997.
  • He was member of the organizing Committees for the SETAC Workshops about Life Cycle Impact Assessment in Sandestin, Florida, February 1992, and about development of a LCA Code of Practice, Sesimbra, Portugal, April 1993.
  • He chaired the organization committee for the 6th SETAC-Europe Congress in Copenhagen 23-26 June 1995.
  • From 1998 he was involved in SETAC Working Groups on “Life Cycle Impact assessment” (convener and secretary), about ”Life Cycle Management (LCM)” (convener and secretary) and ”Working Environment in LCA” (convener and chair).
  • He has been member of the Board of ”the Society for Promotion of LCA Development (SPOLD)”, of “European Network for Strategic Life-Cycle assessment Research and Development (LCANET)”.
  • He was consultant for the Danish EPA from 1992 regards eco-labelling and responsible for EU criteria development for textiles and building insulation. He was also member of ”CEC Groupe des Sages on Eco-labelling and LCA”.
  • He was member of ISO/TC207/SC5/WG4, who developed the ISO 14042 Life Cycle Impact Assessment standard and co-editor of the Danish version.
  • He has been member of the Editor Committee of the ”International Journal of LCA” from its start.
  • He chaired the organization committee for LCM2001 in Copenhagen 26-29 August 2001 and from 2001- 2011 he was chairing the LCM20XX Conference Planning Committee.
  • He was chairman of the UNEP-SETAC Task Force on development of a LCM Business Guide, chairs the program on LCM in Business and Industry in the 2nd phase of the UNEP/SETAC Life Cycle Initiative and was is member of the International Life Cycle Board.
  • He participated in the UseTox project meeting on human toxicity in LCA held in Portland, Oregon, November 2004.
  • He co-chaired the Organising Committee for the SETAC LCA Case Study Symposium, Copenhagen, 26-28 November 2012.

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