Claudia Frisch

Project Associate

Claudia Frisch studied Biological Sciences at Wayne State University (Detroit, USA) and graduated with a Master’s degree in 1990. She concentrated her efforts in two areas: 1) human genetics and behavior and 2) ecosystems, which included animal physiology, aquatic ecology, biogeography, geology and insects. She also had the opportunity to investigate the diatoms from the ice age in Michigan together with the excavation of a Mastadon, still on display at the Cranbrook Institute of Science in Michigan.

After completing her degree and collecting research experience at the Detroit Medical Center and working as sales and training associate in a multinational company in the area of biological imaging, she moved to Germany in 1995, where she started as a consultant for diverse hardware and software companies. After several years in ICT, she moved to Switzerland in 2007.

While working for an instrumentation company as a technical writer for the Material Characterization group, she had a longing to return to her biological roots. She did three things: joined the Corporate Sustainability team as soon as it was formed, where she lead two projects on recycling and Ecodesign. Parallel to work she received her diploma as “Natur- und Umweltfachfrau” with an additional certificate in “Integrated Management Systems” in 2012 (sanu future learning ag, Biel). Communication is of utmost importance to her, so she completed a CAS in Management at the University of St. Gallen (2017), where she learned how to translate the language of business into environmental action.

Her love of resource efficiency and biodiversity is also part of her private life, where she enjoys organic gardening and promoting biodiversity in the community where she lives, but dislikes the complexity of household recycling! She was recently elected as a board member of the “Netzwerk Umweltfachleute” and is an active member of “Fachfrauen Umwelt”, helping to promote STEM girls, as well as fair working conditions for women in environmental professions in Switzerland.

Claudia is currently working for the World Resources Forum as a Project Associate of the Sustainable Recycling Industries (SRI) group. Her main focus is consolidation of the ISO / IWA 19 Guidance Principles reports from diverse countries as well as providing support for SRI and other World Resources Forum activities.