Claude Fussler

FusslerClaude Fussler is an expert in business innovation and issue management with a focus on sustainable development, climate change and corporate social responsibility. He advises the executives of large corporations on sustainability strategies.

He is a chemical engineer and graduate of CPE Lyon, France, where he founded the bi-annual Forum on Large-Volume CO2 chemical revalorization that gathers scientists, investors, entrepreneurs and policy makers concerned with innovative pathways to conserve CO2 in the economy.

He is a member of the Advisory Board of Demeter2, a major European investment fund in clean technologies. He chairs the Sustainability Panel of the EDF Group, a global electricity producer.

He advises the World Business Council for Sustainable Development and authored Changing Pace a policy framework published for the Rio+20 Summit preparations. He was a Special Advisor of the UN Global Compact after directing its Caring for Climate program until 2009 and editing Raising the Bar (Greenleaf Publishing), a bestseller on integrating CSR into business strategy.

As a vice president of Dow Chemical in Europe, where he worked for more than 30 years, Claude managed a number of international business assignments until 2001. He directed the business contribution to the 2002 Johannesburg World Summit on Sustainable Development on behalf of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development and followed with the business dialogues on climate and energy issues at the UNFCCC Bali, Poznan and Copenhagen COPs. He supported the organization of the 2015 Business Climate Summit in Paris.

He has contributed to numerous strategic dialogs between high-level stakeholders and corporations – Kimberley-Clark, Holcim, Alcatel-Lucent, British Telecom, the French Pharma producers and Eurometaux, the European Non-Ferrous Metals Industry. He was also vice-chairman of the Stockholm Environment Institute and a founding board director of the Holcim Foundation for Sustainable Construction. He facilitated an Eminent Persons Group appointed by the Dutch government to produce an Advice for making the European Union Clean, Clever and Competitive. He was also a founding member of the Factor 10 Club.

In June 2006 he received the Cleantech Pioneer Award for his ground-breaking work and experience in business processes for eco-efficiency and innovation. In 1996 he authored the business book Eco-Innovation (Financial Times publ.)



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