Cecilia Matasci

Scientific Officer

Dr. Cecilia Matasci has studied Biology at the University of Lausanne (Switzerland) and Natural Sciences of the Environment at the University of Geneva (Switzerland) from 2000 to 2003 and from 2004 to 2006.

After various job experiences in Switzerland and abroad, she wrote her PhD thesis at the Economics and Environmental Management Laboratory at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPF) in Lausanne from 2008 to 2012. In her thesis, she analyzed the regional climate change vulnerability of tourism in Switzerland and the barriers to the possible adaptation measures that could be taken at the local and the national level.

In the meantime, she has been president (2010-2011); vice-president (2009-2010) and project coordinator (2008-2011) of Unipoly, the University and Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne’s student association for sustainable development. Cecilia Matasci collaborated with infovel – Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Mobility Switzerland – in the assessment of the cantonal Ecological Footprint for mobility in Ticino. She also participated in the conception and development of a pedestrian project fostering soft mobility in the city of Mendrisio.

Cecilia is currently working for the World Resources Forum, focusing on resource efficiency indicators, circular economy and government outreach. Her interests focus on the interactions between people and the environment, the landscape as well as nature, as for example the overuse of natural resources and the impacts on biodiversity.

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