Tünde Mikó

Digital Communications

Since May 2022, Tünde supports the World Resources Forum with digital communication activities, including the development of the new website from a UX and UI point of view, creating engaging content on the social media platforms, and designing different kinds of marketing materials (business cards, brochures, icon library, templates, etc.) to ensure a consistent brand on the different channels.

Since November 2021, Tünde is active in the field of sustainability education, as well. She is the Co-Founder & Digital Marketer of Fructify Network, an online knowledge exchange and learning platform for businesses and professionals about how to run their businesses more sustainably in practice, and get up to speed on their sustainability journey.

She has gained experience in different professional areas and industries, including communications, public relations, digital marketing, visual design and project management in the Hungarian public sector, in the Big4 environment and in the software development and design industry.

Tünde holds a BSc in Biology, and an MSc in Food Safety & Quality Engineering.