Loay Radwan

Project Associate

Since March 2023, Loay has been working as a project associate at WRFA, contributing to European funded projects – Horizon – related to electronics and textiles. Prior to this role, Loay worked as a consultant with the World Bank Climate Investment Funds (CIF), where he participated in the Evaluation and Learning Initiative. His work primarily centered around the Just Transition and Development impacts priority themes. Additionally, Loay gained valuable experience at GreenDelta, where he played a key role in the development of the Product Social Impact Life Cycle Assessment database (PSILCA).

Loay was awarded among the 17 Young Leaders for SDGs by the United Nations Youth Envoy. Loay participated in the Youth as Researchers initiative (YAR) alongside UNESCO Cairo focusing on water availability, climate change, and sustainable development in the MENA region.

Loay holds an academic background in Environmental Engineering and complemented by an International M.Sc. in Sustainable Natural Resources Management from Ghent University, Uppsala University, and TU Frieberg. His expertise lies in the areas of Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment and Circular Economy.