WRF Association to start in 2012

St. Gallen, September 2011. The process of establishing the World Resources Forum Association (WRFA) is progressing steadily. Expected start-up date is April 2012. The Association will strengthen the outreach and impact of the conferences, by intensifying the follow up of past conferences and preparation of upcoming conferences.

The establishment of a fulltime secretariat will also enable the WRF to become an annual event, upon the request of many, whereby invitations for hosting the conference outside of Switzerland can be accomodated more easily than in the past.

The Association has already secured support from a number of governmental and non-governmental organisations, as well as the private sector, and will also be open to individuals.

For information about benefits and membership fees please write to info@worldresourcesforum.org.

Individual donations are welcome here, individual memberships for the WRF Association can be registered here.