World Resources Forum Joins UN’s Climate Neutral Now Initiative

St. Gallen, 11 December 2017 The World Resources Forum Association has committed to move towards Climate neutrality by signing the Climate Neutral Now Pledge, an initiative of UN Climate Change. As in other years the WRF has offset the greenhouse gas emissions amounted by the organization’s flagship activity – the WRF annual conference.

In close collaboration with South Pole Group, the greenhouse gas emissions related to the WRF 2017 flagship event (534 tons of CO2e) were measured and offset, making the WRF 2017 a climate neutral event. Climate neutrality is beneficial for the environment, as well as for the social and economic development of communities in emerging countries.

The World Resources Forum conference is widely recognized for its global and multidisciplinary character, gathering participants from all over the world and offering international players a platform to initiate action towards sustainable resource management. This year’s World Resources Forum took place in Geneva, Switzerland and brought over 450 experts from different fields and sectors, coming from 50 countries to discuss solutions and present methodologies towards resource efficiency and sustainability.

During WRF 2017, poverty and climate change were once again stressed as the key challenges to be tackled today and the WRF Secretariat is committed to be part of the change, contribute to the Paris Climate Change Agreement and help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

The UN Climate Change Conference COP 23, organised last November in Germany, recognized progress and resolved “to keep the momentum and continue to uphold the spirit and vision of the Paris Agreement”. Under the Paris Agreement, countries agreed to limit the global average temperature to as close as possible to 1.5 degrees Celsius, thereby avoiding the worst impacts of climate change.

World Resources Forum aims at contributing to Climate neutrality by

  • Continuing with its international capacity building work, specially within its Sustainable Recycling Industries (SRI) Programme
  • Continuing connecting people and fostering collaboration, especially with its Horizon 2020 project Towards a World Forum on Raw Materials (FORAM) and the WRF conferences
  • Implementing the UN Environment 10YFP “Better-by-Design” project which aims at reducing CO2 in selected product chains in Latin America
  • Actively raising awareness among its network by means of all relevant communication channels, including online and social media options
  • Utilizing carbon offsetting options for its activities and continuously reflecting on ways to reduce their impact

Bas de Leeuw, Managing Director at the WRF, said: “We have been making efforts for climate neutrality since the beginning of the work of our Association. We are aware that we still can do better and still can do more. That is why we decided to join the Climate Neutral Now Pledge, both to connect with other likeminded organisations and the UN, as to have it serve as an important reminder for our own team and Board to keep fighting and keep delivering”.

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