Rhomberg Group joins World Resources Forum Association

RhombergBregenz, 17 August 2012 Xaver Edelmann and Bas de Leeuw welcomed the membership of Rhomberg Group to the World Resources Forum (WRF) Association. Rhomberg, headquartered in Bregenz, Austria, operates in the fields of construction, railway technology and engineering, underpinned by the ecologically sound utilisation of resources. The group has branches in Australia, Austria, Germany, Turkey, UK and Switzerland.

Mr. Hubert Rhomberg, CEO of Rhomberg Holding & Cree, has been speaking at the WRF before, and has confirmed to be a keynote business speaker at the upcoming WRF 2012, Beijing, China. He will speak on October 23, 2012. See program here.

Hubert Rhomberg stated that “the global construction industry is responsible for 40% of today’s resource and energy consumption and contributes to 40% of waste and CO2 emissions. As an international construction company, our aim is to represent a new way of building that incorporates economic, ecological and social aspects in its considerations and applies integrated approaches which contain the entire lifecycle including buildings, infrastructures and people in addition to resource-saving procedures.”

“Sustainability is our project focus”, he said, “therefore, we identify ourselves with the principles of the WRF to demonstrate our commitment to the promotion of sustainable use and management of resources. By becoming a member of the WRF, we benefit from long-term experience of sustainability experts and exchange our knowledge to promote resource-efficient solutions around the world.”

LC ONE under constructionEarlier this summer WRF’s President Xaver Edelmann and Managing Director Bas de Leeuw visited the flagship project of the group, the socalled Life Cycle Tower (LCT), a highly innovative building, which as concept was presented at an earlier WRF and is now being constructed in Dornbirn, Austria.

The modular LCT construction system offers high resource and energy efficiency, a vastly improved CO2 footprint, shorter construction time and factory-produced components. The tenant companies and the client, Cree GmbH, a subsidiary of the Rhomberg Group, will this year move into the first unencapsulated timber-hybrid high-rise in the world.LCT ONE

Find here more information and pictures about the Life Cycle Tower. More pictures of the visit on our Facebook page

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