Very good satisfaction with WRF LAC 2016, results of participants survey show

San Jose, July 25 2016 For the 6th consecutive year, the WRF carried out a survey after its conference. 33 people of the about 266 participants of the World Resources Forum Latin America and the Caribbean (WRF LAC 2016, San Jose, Costa Rica, May 17-20) replied (response rate: 12%). Results show that the event met the expectations (or more) of a big majority of respondents (88%). For 45% of the respondents the event was above or significantly above their expectations. Almost all aspects of the conference have been very highly appreciated, with a very high satisfaction regarding social events, the quality of the plenary sessions and of the workshops. Open questions also prise the very good networking experience. Among the five topics of the conference, it was the ‘Sustainable and inclusive cities and buildings’ one that gained the most attention (64% of the respondents found it the most interesting), followed by ‘Resource efficiency policies for sustainable cities and lifestyles’ (46%) and ‘Sustainable lifestyles and education’ (40%). Participants were quite heterogeneous, with 40% coming from the private sector, 18% from the scientific sector, 15% respectively from the civil society and from other organisations (mainly NGOs), and 12% from governments.  Even if responses are very positive; they show that there is still room for improvement. The comments will be considered by the organising committee to further improve the WRF events. We will always be happy to get your feedback at any point in time. Please check our WRF website or send us an email at


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