Sasso San Gottardo Resources Exhibition open for public

Sasso San GottardoSan Gottardo, 25 August 2012. The WRF Secretariat was invited to the opening of the “Sasso San Gottardo”, an exhibition centre about the challenges of managing natural resources, located at the summit of the St. Gotthard in Switzerland.

The permanent exhibition is devoted to “Water”, “Climate”, “Mobility and Living Space”, “Energy” and “Security”. Also on display are the unique giant crystals of the Planggenstock. Part of the historic “Sasso da Pigna” fortifications is a protected monument and a living testament to the former artillery installations from the Second World War.

The content of the exhibition has been developed with the help of business partners and the scientific community, and is geared to the findings of current research.

The WRF has been identified as a partner for an annual forum about resources, a series which will start in 2013.

The family-friendly complex is located at the summit of the Gotthard Pass, just five minutes’ walk from the Ospizio San Gottardo. The thematic exhibition and historic fortifications extend over a distance of almost two kilometres. The project was commissioned by the Fondazione Sasso San Gottardo and realised with the financial support of business partners and foundations as well as central and cantonal government.

Feel free to browse through pictures of the opening ceremony on our Facebook page.

Bas and Marcela at Sasso