ICT solutions for sustainable lifestyles

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ICT solutions for sustainable lifestyles

Authors:   Akash Arasu, Veronika Rékasi

Publication date: 2013


Information and communication technology (ICT) is all around us. This is why it matters how we use it. ICT can play a significant role in enabling us to live more sustainably and move to a more intelligent use of our time, energy and resources. Some examples of green ICT solutions include the use of smart technologies in key sectors of the economy such as smart grids, buildings or intelligent transport systems, which can dramatically reduce energy consumption globally, as well as cut down GHG emissions. It is estimated that by 2020 the use of these ICT-enabled applications has the potential of achieving a reduction of 9.1 Gt of GHG emissions, amounting to $1.9 trillion in gross energy and fuel savings. This represents 16.5% of global emissions according to GesI’s SMARTer2020 report