First Austrian Resources Forum: Overshoot Risk for Economy and Environment

Salzburg, 22 January 2015 Austrians use three times as much resources as can be regenerated by the country itself. Mathis Wackernagel, President of the Global Footprint Network, warned that “overshoot day” means a risk for the environment and economy of Austria as well.

Over 200 experts and stakeholders participated in the first national Austrian Resources Forum. High material consumption and the resulting resource shortages will more and more become a limiting factor for the economy, said Rudolf Zrost, the first President of the Austria Resources Forum. “That is why we have initiated the Forum. We see the resources issue not as a problem rather as a chance.”

RFA_Ressourcenforum_2015_Presse_PK_Bild_Österreich-1024x625Josef Schwaiger, “Landesrat” of Salzburg, said in his opening speech that Salzburg aims at generating its energy needs for 50% from local renewable sources in 20120 and for 100% in 2050. “This can only be achieved when we use energy more efficiently.”

Wolfram Tertschnig, Austrian Environment Ministry, presented its „RESET 2020“ strategy, which aims at reducing Austrian resource use. “Resource policies are much more than just motivated by environmental protection reasons. It is also a matter of preventing shortages, and reducing price and import risks.”

NRF 2015 (1)Xaver Edelmann, President of the World Resources Forum, welcomed the initiative since “brilliant ideas need to be connected to people with power, around the world.” Resource limits increases political risks, something that the market is very well aware of. Innovation and recycling give the opportunity to grow towards a sustainable society in which science and the economy cooperate, he said.

Find here more information about the Austrian Resources Forum.