WRF team presents Davos outcomes in St. Gallen

Xaver Edelmann (r.), President of the World Resources Forum, opened the Re-source conference.St. Gallen, November 2011. For progress in addressing the major global resource challenges it is now necessary that natural and social scientists and stakeholders from all perspectives work together. The World Resources Forum offers such a platform. This said Xaver Edelmann, President of the WRF, in his closing remarks at the occasion of the Re-source conference, held in St. Gallen from 8-9 November, 2011, organised by the Environment Ministries of Switzerland, Austria and Germany. The event brought together some 200 experts who discussed the natural resource challenges in all phases of its lifecycle: extraction, manufacturing, consumption and waste and recycling.

The WRF team was also present with an information stand at the Cleantech meeting, 9 November, St. Gallen, where the CEO of Empa, Prof. Dr. Gian-Luca Bona held a keynote address and participated in a forum discussion about the Swiss Cleantech sustainable technologies program. Prof. Bona also mentioned the World Resources Forum, according to him one of the key elements of St. Gallen’s sustainable high tech image. The ┬ámeeting was organised and moderated by Fredy Brunner, City Council of St. Gallen, one of the partners of the new WRF Association.