WRF Peru: “It is necessary that all players involved clearly understand what the problems and solutions are”

Luis Casabonne and Bas de LeeuwArequipa, 27 March 2014 It is very important to bring all parties together for a discussion, says Bas de Leeuw, WRF Managing Director, in an interview for the Arequipa Empresarial (Chambers of Commerce magazine). He highlights the purpose and potential of the next World Resources Forum, to be held in Arequipa, 19-22 October 2014.

“It is necessary that all players involved clearly understand what the problem is and what solutions there are. In particular the link between energy and resources, mining and recycling, lifestyles and education will be key themes in the conference.” It is important to not only bring knowledge from other parts of the world to Latin America, but also to learn lessons from the experiences in the region, and to connect with the research and business communities.

Marcos AllegreMarcos Alegre Chang, Director of the National Cleaner Production Centre – with Alfonso Eguiluz, Destination Management Organisation of Arequipa City – co-organiser of WRF 2014 – brings attention to the current model of industrial development in Peru and the impact it has on natural resources. “With the current model of development we approach an unsustainable scenario, since strategic resources like water and energy are being exhausted”.

Read here the full interview written by Luis Casabonne (in Spanish/en Español) or here (print screen).

Find here the flyer with all details (English and Spanish).

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