WRF Latin America and Caribbean Meeting Report Available Online

screen-shot-2016-12-08-at-10-52-11San Jose/St. Gallen, 8 December 2016 The official WRF Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) and the International Sustainable Building Congress (ISBC) 2016 meeting report is now available online. The publication includes the chairman’s summary, selected session highlights, an overview of scientific sessions, photo gallery, participants survey, and other background information. Moreover, the report includes the Carbon Neutral Certificate of South Pole Group, which was awarded in June 2016, to offset the conference’s green gashouse emissions.

The conference was organized under coordinated efforts of WRF Secretariat, UNEP, the International Resource Panel (IRP) Secretariat and the Green Building Council Costa Rica (GBC-CR). The event drew over 260 participants coming from about 30 countries and international organizations attended and actively contributed to this conference, held in San Jose, Costa Rica, on 17 – 20 May 2016.

WRF 2017 will be held in Switzerland next fall.

Furthermore, the key outcomes of the conference were presented at Habitat III conference, held in Quito last October. Find here more information.

Participants, representing governments, businesses, think tanks, scientific communities and civil societies, as well as students and young researchers, debated and exchanged their views on how to build sustainable cities and lifestyles in the LAC region, invest in sustainable businesses, ensure education and decrease the socio-environmental footprint of current consumption and production patterns in the region. Participants actively proposed strategies for action taking and presented recommendations to achieve the much-needed transition.

Several trainings and back-to-back meetings were organized in conjunction with the WRF LAC & ISBC 2016, including:

The meeting report was drafted by Bas de Leeuw, Xaver Edelmann, María Lucía Híjar, Cecilia Matasci, Mathias Schluep, Sonia Valdivia, Angel Versetti and Adriana Zacarías, based upon inputs from workshop reporters, speakers and participants.

Photos by Mathias Schluep (WRF).dsc02185

Editing, design and layout by María Lucía Híjar (WRF).

Click here to download the Meeting Report.

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