WRF Conference will be a Carbon Neutral Conference

South Pole CarbonZurich, 20 September 2013 WRF 2013 will be a carbon neutral conference. This is the result of a partnership that the WRF Association and the carbon offsetting provider South Pole Carbon have agreed to today.

South Pole Carbon will offset CO2 emissions caused by travel and stay of all – over 500 – participants that will attend World Resources Forum 2013, to be held from 6-9 October in Davos. 

The Zurich based South Pole Carbon is one of the world’s leading premium carbon offsetting providers. In 13 offices around the globe, 100 carbon professionals fight climate change. South Pole Carbon enables the implementation and operation of high-quality projects that efficiently reduce greenhouse gases and at the same time benefit local communities and the environment.

South Pole Carbon focuses on premium projects and have delivered the first ever Gold Standard credits as well as the first Social Carbon credits from Asia. In 2011, 2012 and 2013 South Pole Carbon was elected Best Project Developer in Environmental Finance’s Voluntary Carbon Market Survey.

Learn more at: www.southpolecarbon.com

Contact: info@southpolecarbon.com