WRF 2015 was Carbon Neutral, Emissions Offset in Zimbabwe

South Pole Certificate-WRF 2015St Gallen, 29 January 2016 The South Pole Group published this week the Carbon Neutral Certificate for World Resources Forum 2015, held in Davos in October last year. The document certifies that the almost 700 tons of emissions were offset to the Kariba Avoided Deforestation Project in Zimbabwe.

The project aims at reducing deforestation and forest degradation through a range of activities proposed by local communities and financed by project supporters. These include the establishment of nutritional gardens, conservation agriculture, honey production, forest fire prevention and enhanced wildlife conservation. Besides reducing the amount of CO2 emissions in the atmosphere, carbon offsetting can also deliver added benefits at the project site, such as employment opportunities, community development programmes and training and education for local stakeholders. This project aims at providing sustainable livelihood opportunities for poor communities in this region of Northern Zimbabwe, an area now suffering heavily from deforestation, poverty, and drought. In order to ensure the quality and integrity of carbon offsets, a reliable program of standards, verification processes and registries have been put in place.

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South Pole Group is an international company founded in 2008 that specializes in reducing greenhouse gases. The firm has fifteen offices around the globe in Europe, Middle East, Americas and Asia and operations in 25 countries and a portfolio of over 250 projects, centering on renewable energy, forestry, energy efficiency, waste management and methane avoidance. Find here more information about the company.