WRF 2014 Meeting Report now Available Online

WRF 2014 meeting reportArequipa/St. Gallen, 28 April 2015 The official WRF 2014 meeting report is now available online. The 48 page publication includes the chairman’s summary, summaries of the workshops (in English and Spanish language), an overview of scientific sessions and awards, photo gallery, participants survey, and other background information. The report also has the Carbon Neutral Certificate of South Pole Carbon, which was awarded in December 2014, to compensate travel of participants.

Over 1,000 participants coming from 40 countries and international organisations attended and actively contributed to this annual conference, last year held in Arequipa, Peru, on 20–22 October 2014. Participants, representing governments, businesses, thinktanks, scientific communities and civil societies, as well as students and young researchers, exchanged their views on strategies to increase resource productivity, to fight climate change, to decrease the environmental and social burden of current consumption and production patterns, and to achieve a high quality of life for the current and future generations. Participants formulated global, national, regional and local policy recommendations (“resource wisdom” for cities) and proposed strategies for further action and research. Find here our previous news articles on the conference.

The report was drafted by Bas de Leeuw, Sonia Valdivia, Mathias Schluep, Ana Quiros, Philip Strothmann, Julio Díaz and Angel Versetti based upon inputs from workshop reporters, speakers and participants. Photos Manuel Zuñiga Villarreal, Ministry of the Environment of Peru. Technical support and layout María Lucía Híjar (WRF) Brigitte Bänziger, Urs Bünter (Empa). The report can be downloaded here. For a free hard-copy write to the WRF Secretariat at info@wrforum.org