WRF 2013: Program update

St. Gallen, 28 June, 2013 Our next flagship event, the World Resources Forum 2013 in Davos, Switzerland, is approaching. In a bit more than 3 months, different stakeholders will gather for 3 days to discuss crucial questions, demonstrate new approaches and concepts, and share their knowledge about natural resources, governance, scarcity, green economy, material flows, efficiency, sufficiency, social aspects, behaviour, and education. 

Today, we are proud to present an update of the WRF 2013 program in October, which will offer plenary speeches, panel discussions, debates, a number of specific workshops, scientific sessions, daily highlights etc. 

We are happy that many of the invited plenary speakers have already confirmed their attendance at WRF 2013. 

Come and share your expertise with different stakeholders, and get feedback on your business strategies, research projects, policy outlines and personal foci in daily life with regard to natural resources issues. Please notice that the early bird registration deadline for WRF 2013 is on August 16, 2013.