WRF 2012: The Best Poster Award Winners are . . .

Beijing, 23 October 2012. Apart from the plenary speeches, the workshops and the scientific oral sessions, more than 90 posters by scientists from all over the world were presented at the World Resources Forum 2012 conference in Beijing.

Topics displayed on the various posters ranged from Green Economy applications in certain regions of the world, catalyst solutions, electrochemical processes, ionic liquids, biofuels, to metal recycling options and improvements, solid waste management in developing countries, law of environmental protection, or fuel cells and batteries, just to name a few.

We are proud to present the five winners of the WRF 2012 Poster Award (in alphabetical order):

Denice Byarushengo, University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, with the Poster on “Lemongrass Essential Oil as a Natural Preservative for Pineapple Juice”

Sho Shindo, Akita Research Institute of Food and Brewing, Japan, with the Poster “Bioethanol Production and Cadmium Removal from Phytoremediation Plant”

Minqian Sun, Institute of Process Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China, with the Poster “Effect of Propane Sultone as Additive for Ionic Liquid Based Electrolyte”

Wei Wang, General Research Institute for Non-Ferrous Metals, China, with the Poster “Recycling Copper and Zinc from Scrap Copper Smelting Slag”

Jiayu Xin, Institute of Process Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China, with the Poster “Integrated Catalytic Process for Hydrocarbons Produced from Lignocellulosic Materials”.

Some WRF 2012 participants might have had challenges in understanding in detail what some of the more specific posters described. These had of course to inform in a nutshell about sometimes very complex projects, each of them being a small piece of a puzzle to improve processes and efficiency. Sooner or later they will help us to achieve overall resource-efficiency targets for our planet Earth.

That is what the World Resources Forum initiative – together with its plenary sessions and workshops – promotes: improve basic and applied research in the resource field at universities and laboratories, while at the same time generating intensive discussion on resource use questions among the different stakeholders from governments, industries and academies, to be dealt with in a globalised world.

The next poster session will be organised at WRF 2013, to be held in Davos, October 6-9, 2013. More information can already be obtained by writing to our Conference Manager Martin Lehmann through info@worldresourcesforum.org.