Workshop and Side Event Program Published

St. Gallen, September 2011. The final program of the WRF workshops and side events was published today. These events run partly in parallel with the scientific program and are organised by partners, such as UNEP, the German Umwelt Bundesamt (UBA), SERI, Wuppertal Institute, Techopolis, Rathenau Institute, Empa, Council for Less Common Elements, OBU, PRĂ© Consultants and others.

Topics include sustainable resource use and poverty eradication in developing countries, chaired by Shaoyi Li (UNEP) and Jacqueline Aloisi de Larderel (former UNEP Assistant Executive Director, and Technology, Industry and Economics Director), design and implementation of efficient resource policies, chaired by Harry Lehmann (UBA), closing resource loops (distinghuising good from bad in the secondary commodity market), chaired by Rolf Widmer (Empa), the rise of the bio-economy (European and Chinese approaches), chaired by European Member of Parliament Gerben Jan Gerbrandy. The film “The lightbulb conspiracy” will be shown in presence of its director Cosima Dannoritzer, who will give an introduction and answer questions.

Full program of all side events here.