Who wants to become WRF Student Reporter in Beijing?

Student Reporter with chairSt. Gallen, May 2012 The application procedure for a new team of ten Student Reporters has been opened today. The new team will go to Beijing and cover the 2012 World Resources Forum. They will write daily reports and interviews, and blog and tweet live from the conference.

Student Reporters receive a training, free registration for the conferences, accommodation and lunch, as well as a stipend of 200 CHF to help cover travel costs. There will also be one or more team dinners in Beijing, where the conference will be held from 21st to 23rd of October, 2012.

Apply before 10th of June, information and registration here.

Read last year’s WRF 2011 Student Reporter blogs here.

Student Reporters are a colorful set of students from around the world covering events and issues in the field of sustainability economics and management. They offer sustainability related social media services to events all over the globe. The global reporter teams add values and value through either broadening the scope of sustainability events or exploring the sustainability aspects of conventional business or economics related events with a creative, critical, and prospective attitude. The student reporter programme provides real time training to sustainability driven undergraduate and graduate students, in particular business and economics students, in social media advocacy and online journalism.

The WRF Student Reporters are supported by Oikos International, Stiftung Mercator Schweiz and the WRF Secretariat.

Apply before 10th of June here.