Tweeting Report #WRF2017: Top Tweets, Most Active and Popular Tweeters

#WRF2017 Tweeting Report

Geneva, 27 October 2017 The WRF Social Media Team has just published its “Tweeting Report”. Ahead of the official meeting report this is an overview of what participants and team tweeted during the “sizzling” two-day WRF 2017 conference, which came to a close on October 25 in UN capital Geneva, with an audience of over 400 participants from 50 countries.

Over 200 participants – from Geneva or elsewhere in the world – contributed with almost 1,000 tweets, which got far over 2 million impressions (2,294,054, counted one day after the conference).

Most active tweeter was Legacy17, a not-for-profit cooperative of consultants, practitioners and educators focused on supporting the realization of the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Lorena Muñoz del Campo, Senior Consultant Green Economy and Sustainable Finance from Chile, and the EC H2020 project REProMag colleagues helped to instantly spread the word about the conference as well.

Most popular contributors included Debra Ruh from Virginia, the World Resources Institute, the Carbon Trust and UNECE.

Ranking of the following top tweets is based on the official Twitter algorithm for likes and retweets.

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