Thanks to all our participants, speakers and supporting team for making WRF 2013 such a great succes

Davos, 9 October 2013 WRF 2013 has come to an end. Over 400 participants enjoyed three days of political debate, creative brainstorming, scientific discussions, passionate talks in the corridors, constructing new projects with new partners, hanging out with each other, admiring arts, engaging in table football, and catching marmots. That was what WRF 2013 will be remembered for. A sizzling  platform for young and old, men and women, of all cultures and many (53) countries.

Take-aways of the conference will be published shortly. Registered participants have received the¬†draft chairman’s summary for comments until October 18. Most of the powerpoint slides of the plenary presentations can be downloaded here. Workshop and scientific sessions presentations to follow.

A selection of pictures can be seen on our Facebook pages. Registered participants have access to all photos made. Videos of the event will be made available on our Youtube channel.

A meeting report will be published before the end of the year. And on our Twitter page one can already find an informal tweeting report, made by tweeters from the spot in Davos and beyond.

WRF 2014 will be held in Arequipa, Peru, from 19-22 October 2014. See you there!

WRF 2013 Team