First Swiss Resources Forum to Discuss Need for Resource Transition

Swiss Resources Forum NEST
NEST accelerates the process of innovation in the building sector

Dübendorf, 17 November 2016 “Resource transition, i.e. the sustainable use of resources, also known as ”resource efficiency’ is at the top of the agenda of organizations such as the UN, OECD, EU as well as G7 and G20. Switzerland as one of the countries with the biggest consumption per capita and as a country poor in raw materials needs to deal with this stressing issue. The Swiss Resources Forum provides a platform for the business world, science, politics, the public administration and NGOs”, says Xaver Edelmann, president of the World Resources Forum, which is headquartered in Switzerland and is known for its global conferences around the world and in Davos.

The first Swiss Resources Forum will be held in Dübendorf near Zurich as a joint initiative of a diverse group of organisations, representing important Swiss stakeholders in the fields of economy, science, public administration and society.

logoWhile the the energy transition has been dominating the public debate in both Germany and Switzerland, the term resource transition is less clear to many: what does it mean, where do we stand, how can we foster this revolution? The Swiss Resource Forum will fill this gap, with speakers from business, research, politics, public administration and NGOs.

Speakers and participants will address the following issues:

  • Target images for a resource-conserving, future-proof economy
  • Mechanisms of action for a resource efficient infrastructure
  • Lifecycle and resource efficiency in infrastructure
  • Innovations in the building sector with a visit to the NEST project
  • Presentation of the existing networks in Switzerland related to the issues

Swiss Resources ForumExperts who will speak and interact with the public include: Gunter Stephan (NFP 73 “Sustainable Economy”, University of Bern), Karine Siegwart (FOEN), Bruno Oberle (EPFL), Matthias Bölke (swisscleantech & Schneider Electric), Kurt Lanz (economiesuisse), Annick Lalive d’Epinay (City of Zurich Public Works Office), Adriaan Slob (TNO, Netherlands), Brigitte Buchmann, Patrick Wäger (both Empa), Xaver Edelmann, and Mathias Schluep (both WRF).

Aim of the Swiss Resources Forum

The aim of the Swiss Resources Forum is to connect decision-makers in business and politics with professionals in the research and development sector, public administration and NGOs. The support of alliances between actors is intended to lead to innovative and effective solutions for efficiency and sufficiency of resource use of consumers, producers and the waste management industry.

The Swiss Resources Forum is an initiative of a diverse group of organizations representing important Swiss actors in the area of the economy, science, public administration and society. These include:

  • WRF, independent international non-profit organization serving as a platform for sharing knowledge about the economic, political, social and environmental implications of global resource use
  • Öbu, Swiss network for sustainable economies and Global Network Partner of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development
  • ESM, Swiss non-profit organization dedicated to support research and development activities in the field of Rare and Critical Elements, with a focus on their industrial applications.
  • FOEN (Federal Office for the Environment), the federal government’s center of environmental expertise with the mission to ensure the sustainable use of natural resources
  • Empa, interdisciplinary research institute conducting cutting-edge materials and technology research. Empa’s research and development activities focus on meeting the requirements of industry and the needs of society
  • Ecos, consulting firm supporting enterprises, institutions, public offices and organizations in projects for sustainable development
  • Swiss Academy of Arts and Sciences, engaging themselves specifically for an equitable dialogue between science and society, and advising politics and society in science-based issues that are relevant to society
  • Neros, independent organisation and neutral platform for developments related to primary and secondary mineral resources in Switzerland

holland-logo Swiss Resources ForumThe Netherlands will be this year’s official partner country of the Swiss Resources Forum, thereby showing the important cooperation between the two countries.

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