All selected WRF papers now published in STOTEN journal

St. Gallen, 16 April 2014 The second and last part of selected WRF 2011 scientific papers has been published in the STOTEN (Science of the Total Environment) journal. After the 13 short papers that were published last autumn now the publisher has made another 9 contributions available in the special issue on Natural Resources.

The selected papers deal with topics like the eco-friendliness of small hydroelectric installations, resource efficiency potential of selected technologies, resource efficiency and culture, stochastic approach for LCI to the steel process chain, environmental aspects of slaughterhouses, improved policy application of footprint indicators, technological innovation and social change for sustainability, human determinants of change to become sustainable, or how to define a decent lifestyle for low-income households.

This second selection of WRF 2011 papers covers the following 9 papers:

A critial view on the eco-friendliness of small hydroelectric installations
(M. Premalatha, Tabassum Abbasi, Tasneem Abbasi, S.A. Abbasi)

Resource efficiency potential of selected technologies, products and strategies
(Holger Rohn, Nico Pastewski, Michael Lettenmeier, Klaus Wiesen, Katrin Bienge)

Resource efficiency and culture – Workplace training for small and medium-sized enterprises
(Anna Bliesner, Christa Liedtke, Holger Rohn)

Application of stochastic approach based on Monte Carlo (MC) simulation for life cycle inventory (LCI) to the steel process chain: Case study
(Bogusław Bieda)

Analysis of the slaughterhouses in Galicia (NW Spain)
(Pastora Mª. Bello Bugallo, Laura Cristóbal Andrade, María Agrelo de la Torre, Rosa Torres López)

Improving the policy application of footprint indicators to support Europe’s transition to a one planet economy: The development of the EUREAPA tool
(Katy Roelich, Anne Owen, David Thompson, Elena Dawkins, Chris West)

Technological innovation, human capital and social change for sustainability. Lessons learnt from the Industrial Technologies Theme of the EU’s Research Framework
(Jesús Alquézar Sabadie)

Becoming sustainable: Human determinants of change
(Gerhard Frank)

Resource use of low-income households – Approach for defining a decent lifestyle?
(Michael Lettenmeier, Satu Lähteenoja, Tuuli Hirvilammi, Senja Laakso)

Please find an excerpt of these published papers as well as the editorial here.

The full papers can be downloaded at the following link (no. 73 – 82):


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