Seeking students and project managers to cover WRF 2013

Davos, 19 March 2013 Student Reporter is seeking students and project managers for covering WRF 2013, to be held in Davos, October 6-9, 2013. An international team of 10 student reporters, led by a project manager and an editor will produce written and multimedia work, participate in a training program in online journalism & conference blogging, and report on-site from Davos.  After the program successful student reporters will be invited to join the permanent team as staff writers.

Student Reporters:

Project Dates: Online training schedule via webinars and peer-editing to start May; on-site training and conference reporting 4-11 October (arrival evening 4 October, departure 11 October), 2013; post-conference wrap up (finishing of writing articles in pipeline), usually 2-4 weeks after the conference.

CompensationCoverage of food and accommodation at conference site, and conference participation fee, travel fees up to 200 CHF (100 CHF for students based in Switzerland).

Student Reporter accepts applications for student reporters until 30 April 2013. More information to be found here.

Project managers/editors:

Student Reporter is looking for managers to lead the team in both managerial and editorial capacities:

Project Dates:  30th April, 2013 – 30th November, 2013

Compensation: A stipend of 3,000 CHF, coverage of travel costs to Davos, Switzerland, conference fee, accommodation and food at the conference site.

Student Reporter accepts applications for project managers/editors until 10 April 2013. More information to be found here.

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