International Roundtable on Raw Materials Cooperation in Brussels

Raw Materials RoundtableBrussels, 4 November 2017 The International Raw Materials Observatory and the FORAM project organise a roundtable on international cooperation on raw materials “catalyzing shared prosperity” in Brussels, on 8 November. This Raw Materials Roundtable will be held during the European Commission’s Raw Materials Week.

Raw Materials Week 2017The continuing rise in global population and living standards is increasing global demand for energy and raw materials, with consequent requirements for a broader and more diversified range of primary and secondary raw materials. This aspect, combined with the transition to renewable sources of energy, offers an opportunity to establish a new paradigm on raw materials supply, ensuring a fair share of benefits to raw materials producing regions and countries, while securing a stable supply to import dependent economies.

Grasping the benefits of this trend requires improving our insights in worldwide cooperation potential. It is essential to design new cooperation strategies, capable of breaking silos and engaging different groups of stakeholders in breakthrough dialogues. Developing a holistic approach on raw materials policies and governance of resources will be guiding such process.

This roundtable will present the views of representatives of different groups of stakeholders from different world regions on the challenges associated to the exploitation and trade of raw materials obtained from primary and secondary sources (mining and recycling). The conversation will also address social and political contexts, technological trends, policy gaps and opportunities for international cooperation, thus contributing to advance dialogues and governance solutions. The audience will be invited to participate actively in the discussions.

Raw Materials RoundtableKey facts about the Raw Materials Roundtable:

The round table will have five speakers, representing the primary and secondary raw materials sectors, coming from industry, research, governments and non-governmental organizations, with experience in developed and developing countries.

Audience – who should attend?
A cross-disciplinary audience is expected, including policymakers, academics, researchers, industry executives, NGO’s, as well as social, economic and environment experts.


8 November 2017, 14:00 – 16:00


Brussels, Hotel Metropole


Attendance is free but registration is mandatory (online registration here). Due to room capacity constraints, access is granted on a first come first served basis.

About the organisers:

The International Raw Materials Observatory is a new independent, apolitical, international not-for profit organisation, set up to support international cooperation on mineral raw materials’ research & innovation, education & outreach, industry & trade and recycling, management & substitution of strategic raw materials. It has resulted from the EU Horizon 2020 funded INTRAW project, coordinated by the European Federation of Geologists (EFG).

FORAM is the largest collaborative effort for raw materials strategy cooperation on a global level so far. Centered on an EU-based platform of international experts and stakeholders, it aims to enhance international cooperation on raw materials policies, making the complex maze of raw materials related initiatives more effective. FORAM is an EU Horizon 2020 project, coordinated by the World Resources Forum Association..

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