Photo Gallery WRF 2012 Beijing published

Photo galleryBeijing, 27 November 2012 Today the WRF Secretariat has released the Photo Gallery of WRF 2012 Beijing, held from 21-23 October 2012. The gallery holds free downloadable pictures made by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Student Reporters, WRF staff, including Veronika Rekasi and Martin Lehmann, and other partners.

The gallery presents both formal and less formal pictures, ranging from the preparatory work before the meeting, highlights of the plenary session speakers, impressions of the workshops and oral sessions, the banquet, posters, children’s drawings, and finally some WRF staff winding down after the conference. A video of highlights as seen by Student Reporters is available as well.

Rumour has it that in addition pictures of a karaoke party exist, these are however not included in the gallery, rather might be made available for friends of the World Resources Forum Facebook page.

Below some of the pictures, go here to browse them all. Kindly refer to the source when using the pictures, higher quality versions can be obtained by writing to