Peter Hennicke and Roland Stulz to speak at Energy Congress in St. Gallen

St. Gallen, 25 April 2014 The final agenda of this year’s Energy Concept Congress was published today. The main speakers of the conference, which will  be held in St. Gallen, May 23, are prof. Peter Hennicke and Roland Stulz.

Peter Hennicke is the former president of the Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment and Energy in Germany, where he continued to work as a Senior Advisor after his retirement. He will be talking about Energy efficiency politics, and why only a total paradigm shift will lead to climate and resource protection. This will be the only chance to reach the ambitious targets of the energy transition 2050 in Germany and the European Union.

Roland Stulz, the father of the 2000-Watt Society at Novatlantis, an ETH-spinoff, will ask the question whether efficient technologies are enough to reach appropriate resource consumption levels worldwide. Sufficiency aspects might play a major role in this discussion, apart from innovation efforts.

Based on the keynote speeches in the plenary program, the World Resources Forum organises a two-hour workshop in the afternoon of May 23 with the topic “CO2 knows no limits”. Experts like myclimate CEO René Estermann, city ecologist Urs Capaul and prof. Daniel Müller from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology will present their ideas about CO2-reduction at a global and local level, and within industries.

The conference will culminate in an “arena” meeting for all the participants of the two concurrent congresses Energiekonzept/WRF and St. Galler Forum. Panelists are Heinz Karrer, President of economiesuisse, Nick Beglinger, President swisscleantech, and Bastien Girod, Vice-President of the Green Party and Member of the Swiss National Council.

You are warmly invited to register here with very favourable conditions. The event was selected as Green Week satellite event by the European Commission. 

The conference is organised together with Energieagentur St. Gallen as well as the Departments for Environment and Energy of St. Gallen.