Introducing the new WRF Cinema in Davos

WRF CinemaDavos, 3 September 2015  This year the WRF is launching WRF Cinema (Program), where films, documentaries and short videos related to the sustainable use of natural resources will be displayed. The aim of WRF Cinema is to bring crucial topics to the table as well as to encourage people to pursue their initiatives by show casing successful examples. WRF Cinema will be open for all participants of WRF 2015, starting October 12.

Cosima Dannoritzer
Cosima Dannoritzer

The E-Waste Tragedy“, the follow-up to “The Light Bulb Conspiracy”, travels around the globe to investigate in Europe, Africa, China and the US how and why a large percentage (up to 75%) of the electronic waste produced in the industrialised countries is siphoned off from the official and professional recycling systems through fraud, corruption and negligence, with much of it ending up dumped in the Third World. Cosima Dannoritzer, director of the film, will join us at WRF Cinema to engage spectators to actively participate by sharing and discussing their experiences, opinions and ideas.

When Elephants Fight” (Michael Rambsdell) is a central tool in the advocacy campaign STAND WITH CONGO designed to mobilize students and consumer activists to pressure policy makers, stakeholders, and investors for greater transparency and accountability in the mining sector of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

AlunaALUNA” is made by and with the KOGI, a genuine lost civilization hidden on an isolated triangular pyramid mountain in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia. After a first BBC documentary in 1990, the Kogi have summoned Alan Ereira (director) back to say that we did not actually listen to what they said. We are incapable of being changed by being spoken to. They now understand that we learn through our eyes, not our ears. In the face of the approaching apocalypse, they have asked Ereira to make a film with them which will take the audience on a perilous journey into the mysteries of their sacred places to change our understanding of reality.

Behind the Dirty Gold” shows the paths taken by illegal gold trade in Peru, Bolivia and Brazil. Through images and testimonies of illegal miners, researchers and authorities, the documentary reveals how this activity is carried out in one of the most biodiverse areas in the world, despite efforts made to stop it. This is a project of the Peruvian Society for Environmental Law (SPDA) and IUCN – The Netherlands, complemented by a web documentary and a series of investigations. After the documentary, Lenin Valencia (SPDA) and Liliana Jáuregui (IUCN – The Netherlands) will conduct a Workshop on the topic.

Behind the Dirty GoldOther projections will also include “Forest Man” (by William Douglas McMaster), “Gyre: Creating Art from a Plastic Ocean” (by J.J. Kelley), “It’s a Plastic World” (by Andreas Tanner)”, “Conservation Agriculture in Zimbabwe” (by M.T. Mtbanga); The Scavengers of Mumbai (by Krsh Chawla); How many trees are in the world? (by Nature)   and videos from The Story of Stuff Project, among others.

WRF Cinema also gives our partners the opportunity to present their projects. For instance, UNIDO, UNEP, the Federal Environment Agency of Germany (UBA) and Rhomberg will screen their latest initiatives.

All this, and more, accompanied by tasty Maya Popcorn. Are you ready to enjoy?

Check out the WRF Cinema program here