Final Chairman’s Statement Davos World Resources Forum published

Davos, 14 October 2011. There is an urgent need to take effective steps towards achieving a resource-efficient, climate-resilient Green Economy. A true sense of urgency that is magnified by numerous crises (financial, food, climate change) should be translated into concrete actions. Economies are locked in unsustainable consumption and production behaviour.

Radical change in developed countries as well as leapfrogging in developing countries is needed.  For developing countries, resource efficiency is essential for the eradication of poverty. The Davos World Resources Forum calls on governments, businesses and civil society to take immediate action to double the current level of resource productivity by 2020 and reach at least a fivefold increase by 2050.

This is the key message of the final Chairman’s Statement of the Davos World Resources Forum, held from 19-21 September, 2011, which was published today. Comments from the participants on an earlier draft, presented in the closing session, have been incorporated in this final version, which will be presented to the Rio +20 process (preparatory process for the Earth Summit, to be held in Rio de Janeiro, June 2012).

See full text of the summary at the following link (PDF).