About WRF and Coronavirus

St. Gallen, 16 March 2020 The World Resources Forum team is monitoring the developments with regard to the coronavirus pandemic with great concern. Foremost the hearts of the team go out to the family, relatives and close friends of victims and patients worldwide, to the health care workers and authorities in all affected countries and to those that face personal or economic losses or anxiety.

The WRF team in St. Gallen has itself adopted home office practices as of last week, is organising its internal and external meetings online, pro-actively respecting the guidelines of the Swiss authorities and the authorities of the countries its staff and partners work in.

The work on projects such as Sustainable Recycling Industries (SRI) and the various EU H2020 projects is going on, be it sometimes in alternative ways and with modified time schedules. To date no serious delays are expected.

It goes without saying that the developments with regard to the spread of the coronavirus are also closely monitored with regard to the upcoming WRF 2020, scheduled to be held in Accra, Ghana, June 23-25. The organisation process is on track. The team has however also developed various alternative ways of organising the conference. To date all options, ranging from organising the conference as planned, to organising (parts of) the conference online, and/or postponing to later date are being reviewed. The final decision will be made together with WRF2020 partners in the coming weeks and then communicated as soon as possible. Kindly avoid making non-reimbursable travel arrangements.

Any questions for clarification, concerns, suggestions or remarks are welcome at info@wrforum.org