WRF 2019 Meeting Report on Resource Governance Published

WRF 2019 meeting reportSt. Gallen, 20 March 2020 The WRF Secretariat has published the meeting report of World Resources Forum 2019. WRF 2019 was held in Geneva from 23-24 October 2019. The annual conference and its back-to-back events were attended by well over 300 participants coming from some 50 countries and international organisations, including the United Nations, European Commission, EIT Raw Materials, World Business Council for Sustainable Development, Club of Rome, US Chambers of Commercie, Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) and small and large individual companies, development cooperation and research organisations.

Evidence shows, so was stated, that today’s governance framework is not fit for purpose. The many existing standards governing the management of mineral resources do not bring the expected results at the scale and the speed needed. To address the scale and urgency of the challenge, participants called for the international community to develop ambitious international rules regarding the management of mineral resources in order to close the governance gaps, in alignment with the SDG and Paris Agreement.

WRF 2019 meeting reportThe WRF 2019 meeting report includes WRF 2019 key messages, photo gallery (photos by Robert Sturmer), plenary sessions takeaways, workshop highlights, scientific sessions, awards and results of the participants survey.

Appendices have the full conference program, scientific sessions program, committees and partners, and the Climate Neutral Certificate (South Pole).

The 75 pages report was drafted by WRF staff based upon inputs from workshop reporters, volunteers, speakers and participants and can be downloaded for free from this link.