Accelerating the Resource Revolution – WRF 2017 Meeting Report Published

 WRF 2017 Meeting Report

WRF 2017 Meeting Report

St. Gallen, 12 March 2018 The official WRF 2017 Meeting Report is now available online. The publication includes the conference key messages, plenary sessions takeaways, workshop highlights, scientific sessions and awards, photo gallery, participants survey, and more highlights.

The World Resources Forum Association is committed to achieving climate neutrality and as such, WRF 2017 green gashouse emissions were offset in collaboration with South Pole Group. The Carbon Neutral Certificate was awarded in November 2017 and it can also be found in the Meeting Report.

The event drew over 450 participants coming from about 50 countries, who actively contributed to the success of the conference, held in Geneva, Switzerland, on 24–25 October 2017. Over 120 scientific contributions were presented and methodologies and solutions were shared during the 16 workshops organized by partner international institutions.

The next WRF edition will be held on 24 – 27 February 2019 in Antwerp. Find here more information.

Participants, representing governments, businesses, think tanks, scientific communities and civil societies, as well as students and young researchers, debated and exchanged their views on how accelerating the resource revolution will support the battle against some of today’s most pressing issues: climate change and poverty. Participants actively proposed strategies and presented solutions to target these challenges and achieve the much-needed transition.

Several back to back meetings were organized in conjunction with the WRF 2017, including:

  • Sustainable Recycling Industries (SRI) Life Cycle Inventories Stakeholder Meeting
  • Resource Commission at the German Environment Agency (KRU) Meeting
  • Towards a World Forum on Raw Materials (FORAM) Consortium Meeting
  • Sustainable Recycling Industries (SRI): A Framework for Inclusive Recycling
  • Swiss Resources Forum Partner Meeting
  • Sustainable Management of Critical Raw Materials (SusCritMat) Consortium Meeting

The Meeting Report was drafted by WRF staff based upon inputs from workshop reporters, speakers and participants.

Photos by Robert Stürmer, Associate Photographer (

Editing, design and layout by María Lucía Híjar (WRF).

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