WS5 The E-Waste Tragedy – or how illegal e-waste trafficking affects our industries


· Workshop Organisers: Cosima Dannoritzer (director of “The E-Waste Tragedy”)

· Workshop Chair: Mathias Schluep

· Date and Time: Monday, 16h20 – 18h50

· Room: A Forum

· Description: 

This session is a combination of documentary film screening + debate with the audience. 

THE E-WASTE TRAGEDY (dir. Cosima Dannoritzer) was produced in 2014 by Media 3.14 (Barcelona) and Yuzu Productions (Paris) for nine different European broadcasters; the documentary has also been widely screened at festivals. It is the follow-up to THE LIGHT BULB CONSPIRACY, which highlighted the phenomenon of ‘planned obsolescence’ and was screened at the World Resources Forum in 2011. 

THE E-WASTE TRAGEDY travels around the globe to investigate in Europe, Africa, China and the US how and why a large percentage (up to 75%) of the electronic waste produced in the industrialised countries is siphoned off from the official and professional recycling systems through fraud, corruption and negligence, with much of it ending up dumped in the Third World. This is not only causing widespread environmental and health damage, but also depriving the industrialised nations of the valuable resources contained in the waste, such as copper, silver and gold (to name just a few).

The following debate will invite the spectators to actively participate by sharing and discussing their experiences, opinions and ideas, with a special focus on the following aspects:

– How we could start perceiving our e-waste as a goldmine – literally! – instead of as something to be discarded without control

– How more awareness could be created amongst manufacturers, consumers and recyclers

– What possible solutions could look like (beyond those mentioned in the film)