WRF 2015 – Poster session

Circular economy and decoupling

168 Climate change: And if Cape Verde adopted a circular economy of water?
Djohy, Mahugnon Serge
World Youth Parliament for Water (WYPW)
205 Role of design in circular procurement
Neudecker, Ilia
Foxgloves Consultancy, The Netherlands
241 Integrated modelling for resource policy assessment – the SimRess-project approach
Hirschnitz-Garbers, Martin (1); Langsdorf, Susanne (1); Sverdrup, Harald (2); Koca, Deniz (2); Distelkamp, Martin (3); Meyer, Mark (3)
Ecologic Institute, Germany; 2: Lund University, Sweden; 3: GWS mbH, Germany
265 Circular Economy & Sustainable Systems
Raghupathy, Lakshmi
Consulant, India
201 Future Consciousness
Junker, Kim; Eriksen, Per; Edwards, Dr. Jill Moth &
Partners International, Denmark

Lifestyles and Education

250 Challenges of Implementing the Environmental Protection Laws in Sri Lanka
Edirisinghe, E. A. Anusha (1); Premarathna, M. G. L. Mahesh (2)
University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka; 2: South Asian University, India
266 Revitalization of Indonesia education based Nusantara ancient through integrated system to build Indonesia human character
Fauzi, Muhammad
Brawijaya University, Indonesia
272 Leadership and Volunteerism
Wleyou, Trokon Bosco
A World at School, Liberia
260 Why Zero Waste
Anthony, Richard
Richard Anthony Associates/ United States of America

Technological innovation, business and finance

282 Agro e-Climate Initiatives, Ghana
Obeng, Albert Yeboah; Quansah, Samual Kwame
Foresight Generation Club, Ghana