WS22 Complementing GDP and HDI: Towards an integrated resource use index of nations and businesses


· Workshop Organisers: WRF, Leiden University CML, CSI and FOEN

· Workshop Chair: Barbara Dubach

· Date and Time: Wednesday 14, 12h00 – 13h50

· Room: Sanada I

· Description: 

Resource efficiency refers to the sustainable use of the Earth’s limited resources. It allows for the optimization of productivity and value while minimizing input and wastage. Ranking countries and businesses in this regard will induce stakeholders to take action in order to increase natural resources efficiency, productivity or sufficiency.

In view of this, the WRF wishes to develop resource efficiency indices for countries and businesses. The objectives of the foreseen indices are:

-The indices will become a thermometer of the state of the planet, raise awareness about the need for taking action and inspire people in order to increase natural resource efficiency, productivity or sufficiency.

-The indices highlight the most natural resource efficient, productive or sufficient businesses and countries as well as the ones that are doing the most and provide an incentive for others to adopt effective measures and instruments.

-The indices need to be easily understood and communicated, to be credible and to be innovative.

The results of the country and business indices will be presented annually in the frame of the World Resources Forum. The goal of this workshop is to present the work done until now and to gather feedback and inputs from participants. Two documents resume the first steps of this project. These will be shortly presented during the workshop:

-‘Towards a resource index of nations’ (presented by Prof. Arnold Tukker, CML, Leiden University and TNO, Netherlands)

-‘Towards resource-efficiency indices in the cement and ready-mix concrete sector’ (presented by Maria Rosario Chan, LafargeHolcim)

· Speakers: 

Prof. Arnold Tukker (CML, Leiden University and TNO): Presentation
– Maria Rosario Chan (Lafarge Holcim): Presentation
Dr. Mathis Wackernagel (Global Footprint Network)
Dr. Bruno Oberle (FOEN): Presentation
Dr. Fritz Hinterberger (Sustainable Europe Research Institute SERI)
Prof. Markus Reuter (Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf): Presentation